Thor/Loki shirt design!

Here it is~

If you like it, I'm selling shirts here: medamaude.spreadshirt.com. They come in a variety of color combinations, not just red and green (design + shirt color). If you would like to request a product at spreadshirt.com (dog shirt, thong, etc.) or a certain color (I can only pick the ones they offer for flex and flock printing, which is not very many, sorry D:), please please PLEASE leave a comment here. I really want you guys to be able to buy what you want to wear.

Questions? Comments? Put 'em here~ Thanks for looking!! <3

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not answering texts. not answering phone calls. hasn't been online. haven't talked since last night after an im conversation involving me being kind of a needy bitch but also a little justified in behaving like one.

1) deliberately not contacting me/refusing to be contacted
1a) the above plus doing something to get back at me like last time
2) phone is off/misplaced/no service/etc and i'm just being paranoid
3) dead

i hate doubt.

Obscure video games

Has anyone ever heard of Yume Nikki? It's an obscure little 8-bit Japanese game about a little girl called Madotsuki, and the objective of the game is to find 24 objects scattered in her dream world. I can't exactly describe the gameplay, because it's 99% exploration (no dialogue or direction at all). I just beat the game today, and at first the ending really left me unsatisfied. I thought about it for a little while, along with Inception and The Sandman series of comics (both dream-related), and I guess it makes more sense now. Or at least it makes me happier. I dunno, it's a weird game. Ya'll should play it. Download it here if you can handle a bit of video game creepiness.

Anyway, do these two songs sound a bit similar or am I hallucinating?

And this, which I can't embed: http://www.supload.com/listen?s=1vefwK
(sorry about the mediocre orchestration; it's either the 8bit repeating melody version or this)

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So this is what's happening to me right now. I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 and terrible things are happening. Everything has slowed down and when I tried to watch Adventure Time, it turned weird colors and restarted. You were working so well before I tried to change you, Cutiecakes Mk. II. You were a beautiful machine.